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- we won't stand for hazey eyes anymore.. [13 Nov 2003|03:11pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

as i'm talking my words slip to the floor;
and they crawl through your legs and slide under the back door:
rendering me freakish and dazed.
well here i am. i don't know how to say this.
the only thing i know is awkward silence,
your eyelids close when you're around me; to shut me out.
so i'll go walking through the streets until my heels bleed,
and i'll sing out my song in case the birds wish to sing along.
and i'll dig a tunnel to the center of the universe.
i'll make my way across the frozen sea, beyond the blank horizon,
when i can forget "you and me" and get a decent night's sleep.
don't shut me out.

eh, maybe he'll call tomoro.. :/


[09 Nov 2003|07:57pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

maybe i'd impress him
by being in a band and
maybe if i act real tough
he'd let me hold his hand and
maybe i'll win his heart
by writing this song about him

sometimes i sit at home and
wonder if he's sitting at home
thinking of me and wondering if i'm
sitting at home, thinking about him
or am i just wasting my time


[04 Nov 2003|03:02pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

so quiet another waisted nite the television steels the conversation. exhale. another waisted breath, again it goes unnoticed. please tell me you're just feeling tired; if its more than that, i feel that i mite break. out of touch, out of time. please send me ANYTHING but signals that are mixed, 'cause i can't read your rolling eyes. out of touch, are we out of time? close lipped, another goodnite kiss is robbed of all its passion. your grip, another its slack - and leaves me feeling empty. please tell me you're just feeling tired; because if its more than that i feel that i might break. out of touch, out of time. please send me anything but signals that are mixed, i can't read your rolling eyes. out of touch, are we out of time? i'll wait till tomoro - maybe you'll feel better than maybe we'll be better than. but whats another day, if i can't stop these thoughts of going on without you. this mood of yours is temperary, it seems worth the wait to see your smile again..


see, f a r r a h knows what UP, yo. you know how __she does. +&<3 ? [03 Nov 2003|08:54pm]

[ mood | creative ]

if only i had the guts to feel this way..
if only you'd look at me and wanna stay..
if only you'd take me in your arms and say,
"i wont go, cuz i need you - please don't go, cuz i need you now."


i waited for you, just a picture and a feeling and a face. how could i forget your touch, your warm embrace? and the shoes you wore w/ long black satain lace; as you walk into my mind.. as i walk into this old forgotton hall, just one look - and i begin to fall. i wish i could frame you and this feeling on the wall to stare at until there is no time. i waited for you, just hoping that you'd come to me. run, run, run away run. maybe someday i will find someone too. run, run, run away. from a distance i watched the flowers brush your cheek - as you read the words i wrote, i couldn't speak. and now i lay here broken hearted w/ blistered feet, as you're spinning around my mind.


[03 Nov 2003|08:21pm]

[ mood | drained ]

have you ever stood outside a picket fence,
you could see through;
but you can't get to the inside?
you sit there and wait,
just anticipate;
about what we can be,
and what we can do.

fly the wings of an eagle,
glide alone with the wind.
no matter how high,
i'll be thinking of you the whole time.

i'm carrying this heavy load,
i don't know what to do..
the only thing i know,
it i'm in love with you.


i'd [r a t h e r] forget the ___*days we SPENT.. [31 Oct 2003|07:30am]

[ mood | tired ]

eh, his message is so cute. i can't help but keep calling my voicemail to hear it. i think he mite have a.d.d. at school, i found myself just walking around by myself in the quad just to have him come up and say hi. but honestly, i'd rather have NO fake friends - just to have him be my friend. it sucks that i know we'll never be close.

good luck w/ robby tomoro.

farr <3

1!!!^@%#~!! ... HOT

___*..just listen / to the [rhythm] of ( my ) h e a r t <3 [28 Oct 2003|05:53pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

before i say anything about robby +/or mike; i LEARNED A KiCKASS FLEETWOOD MAC SONG ON THE DRUMS. thankYOU&g'nite <3

oh, btw.. michael can bang me like he bangs his drums ANYTIME he wants. and i heart his dorkiness. and i love the way he tries to drink milk & talk at the same time.

&..~!#!#@$+ robby has kickass hair. okay gbye iLu <3


HOT. [28 Oct 2003|04:27pm]

[ mood | we win =x ]

All the entries are probably gunna be for community eyes only, haha LOSER. kbai.

1!!!^@%#~!! ... HOT

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